How to setup delegated access in Gmail

Delegated access allows you to grant another user access to your Gmail so that they can manage your email inbox. It is ideal for personal assistants or if you are going to be out of the office for a long time and need someone else to look after your emails.

To setup delegated access in Gmail

  • Go to Gmail on your computer. You can not add delegates through the mobile app.

  • Click the Settings cog in the top-right.

  • Click on Settings

  • Select the Accounts tab across the top.

  • In the Grant access to your account section, click Add another account

  • Enter the email address of the user you want to give delegated access too

  • Now click Next Step then click Send email to grant access

You should now make the person you added aware that they will get an email from Google with a link that they must click to finish setting up delegated access.

Note: The other user must also be a Gmail user, and the email link they need to click will expire after one week.

To revoke delegated access in Gmail

To do this go back to the Accounts section in Gmail settings. The section Grant access to your account it will list all the users you have granted delegated access to - click on delete on the far right to revoke access. 

How to access delegated mail

Now you have setup delegated mail you can easily access mailboxes you have been given access to through Gmail. Log in to your Gmail account. In the top right click your profile photo (if you have not uploaded a photo this will be a coloured circle with the first letter of your first name) in the menu that appears you will see the  users, you have delegated access to. Click on the user whose email inbox you want to view to gain access.