Why your business should be using Google Drive.

Google Drive is a file collaboration, creation and storage service. Launched in 2012 it now has over one billion users; far more than any other similar services, offered by Microsoft and Dropbox.

As easy as ABC to get started:

It's incredibly simple to get started with Google Drive. All your employees need to do is open Google Chrome and go to the Google Drive website.

In Google Drive they can create new documents (without needing to install bulky office software or fiddle with licenses codes and updates).

They can manage their files, control who has access to what and collaborate in real time with their team and partners - eliminating the need to email attachments back and forth.


Handles legacy files and programs:

With the Google Drive File Stream program installed on your computer your legacy files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe etc.) can be stored in Google Drive and accessed from any device. A full revision history is kept of any changes that take place to the file once in Drive.

These legacy files can be shared while you keep control with the ability to revoke access at a later date which is ideal when you are sharing proposals with a lead.

Legacy programs which need a server to store and access data are in most cases compatible; Google Drive cleverly fools these programs into thinking they are still connected to your server. BrightPay used by accountants is a typical program that expects to be connected to a traditional server, but with Google Drive File Stream is no longer has to be.

Google Drive lets you eliminate the server and the associated maintenance fees you have been paying your IT provider.

Real-Time Collaboration:

Google Drive is the king of office suites and real-time collaboration rules the roost. No other service does it better.

Don't you hate it with Microsoft Office how you are locked out of a file when someone else has it open, you have to find the person who has it opened, ask them to close it before you can even start working.

Real-time collaboration lets multiple users open and edit documents, spreadsheets or presentations at the same time! It is fantastic for complex spreadsheets which need data entered by multiple people, the days of emailing attachments back and forth are over. All changes are recorded in a detailed revision history, and you can revert to that at any time.

It easy to work with Microsoft Office files:

Google Drive adds real-time presence to legacy Microsoft Office files. Letting your team comment and collaborate on Word and Excel files better than ever before. You will no longer be locked out of an Office document.

Organising your data:

With Team Drives you get unlimited space to store all your business files. Team Drives enables you to arrange your data better into a system that works for you; maybe by clients; perhaps by projects or some other way; the choice is yours.

Information is automatically shared with Team Members, and if they leave the project they no longer have access to the data, but their replacement instantly will.

Next Steps:

These are a few of the key features our clients love about Google Drive and compelling reason why your company should consider using Google Drive to manage your business data over alternative products.

As a Google Partner we can help your business plan, deploy, train and use Google Drive, contact us to find out more about managing your files better.