How to translate text in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a super spreadsheet tool; it's easily on par with Microsoft Excel and then some! Most people are aware of its fantastic collaboration features, and it is common for companies running Microsoft Excel to find staff secretly using Google Sheets instead because it makes working together so easy.

We often see Google Sheets getting used in marketing agencies, to create, manage and schedule social media campaigns. One of our clients; a global marketing agency uses Google Sheets (as part of G Suite) for such tasks, but being global, the team often find themselves dealing with partners where English is not their first language.

Google Sheets translation function allows our client to plan social campaigns with ease as both sides can see the content that is scheduled to be put out in their natural languages. This allows both parties to be on board with the message fully, and quickly altering the message when needed.

It is effortless for your team to use translate in Google Sheets.