What IT software discounts can I get for my UK charity?

Many charities are entirely unaware that they are entitled to huge discounts for IT, especially around software they use to run their organisation.

In most cases, it is straightforward to claim an IT software discount. Usually, it is as simple as filling in an online form and proving that your charity is registered in the United Kingdom.

The list below is far from exhaustive, but these are just some of the fantastic software, hardware and services charities can get a discount on:

G Suite for Non-Profits

A lot of charities us G Suite to run their email system, save their files and collaborate on documents. G Suite is ideal for charities as it is built around online collaboration - ideal for charities who typically don't have a central office and instead have distributed teams. It is no surprise charities use G Suite.

Google offers G Suite for FREE to registered charities and its very simple to apply. The non-profit version of G Suite is based on G Suite Basic but has the added benefit of unlimited data storage, so your organisation can securely store and save all its data online and access it anywhere, on any device.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you have designers working for your charities, creating amazing promotional artwork for your events, they will need to use graphic design software.

Adobe is the leader when it comes to creative software, it is software your designers will be familiar with and most likely there preferred suite of tools. Unlike G Suite, Adobe does not offer their devices for free to charities they do offer some fantastic discounts. Their software, which typically costs many hundreds of pounds for business is available to charities for as little as £4!

Microsoft Office

Not our favourite, we think G Suite is better. But, if you have to use Microsoft Office in your charity (which you probably don't), you can get some discounts which brings the cost down to £23.00.