How to manually restart Google Drive File Stream

Google Drive File Stream is a new way for you to access your data stored in Google Drive. The main difference between Google Drive File Stream and Google Drive Backup and Sync is that your data is not stored locally on your computer. The program is designed for business use where many files can be shared out between users. 


Google Drive File Steam maps a virtual hard drive to your computer typically appearing as G: (G Drive) on any Windows computer. 

Just like Google Chrome; Google Drive File Stream auto updates and generally happens without a hitch and without you even knowing. Sometimes things do go wrong, and Google Drive File Stream updates but fails to reload.

It is easy to tell when this happens. You will no longer be able to access or see your files stored in Google Drive. The good news is; it is straightforward and quick to fix.


How to restart Google Drive File Stream

  • Click the Start button in Windows.
  • Find the program called "Google Drive File Stream" or "Drive File Stream".
  • Click the program.
  • Wait for 20 seconds Google Drive File Stream will reload and you should regain access to your files.