Self Destructing Email Coming to Gmail

Last week Google announced they are releasing a new version of Gmail. Nothing new in itself, G Suite continually has feature improvements. What was interesting though is Google is testing a new feature called "Confidential Emails" - emails that self-destruct after a specific period.

With GDPR coming in at the end of May, businesses need to show they are doing there best to keep data as safe as possible, especially when sharing data with third parties. 

Today, unless you are using complex email encryption software when you email data you lose control of it, its the recipient who has to keep it safe for you.  Attachments will get downloaded unless you send them through a file sharing service, such as Google Drive. But, the original email is just left sitting in someone inbox somewhere, for the rest of eternity.

With the new Confidential Emails feature in Gmail, you can set an expiry date on the email. After that date, no one can access the email you sent. Giving you a bit more control over the data you share.

Personally, I am looking forward to using this feature, and I think quite a few existing clients will be too.