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IT Support Services for businesses with a sense of fun while getting things done in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Our job as your IT support company is to learn about your business's goals and then provide you with amazingly intelligent IT support that will make reaching your goals easier.


The businesses that work with us.

You run a fun and modern business with a strong sense of getting things done. It's your passion to grow your business. Winning new deals and making it a better place for your employees to work, learn and develop. You know the last thing you need is to be held back by poor IT, slow computers and outdated services.

If you'd like to get rid of your IT headaches and your company is located in Birmingham or the surrounding West Midlands - you should get in touch.

Your business IT will be transformed. Taking full advantage of cloud services and artificial intelligence. So your employees can focus on the challenging tasks. Safe in the knowledge that your office IT is working correctly and securely.


An original, innovative and intelligent business IT support service for you.


An all in one business IT Support Service for Birmingham and the West Midlands.

No longer do you have to pick and choose from complicated support options. With Kimbley IT, we offer one support package that includes everything your business needs. Unlimited support, cloud services and licenses with great broadband all for a simple fixed upfront monthly cost. We're not the cheapest, but because of that your will find we are one of the best IT support providers. Take a look below.


IT Support

An amazing selection of IT support features your business gets exclusive access to when you partner with Kimbley IT.


Cloud Integration

 Access your work anywhere with G Suite the office productivity suite. Loved by millennials and modern businesses.


Modern Pricing

A fixed pricing model that gives your business great value and constant innovation without any surprise or additional costs.


Watch how companies like yours eliminated their IT problems.


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Since 2012, businesses in the West Midlands; just like yours, have been getting their IT Support from Kimbley IT. We are privileged to work with so many fun companies busily getting work done. Watch how they have used Kimbley IT to guide them to the right technology for their business. Just like you will.


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Our blog posts are written by a team of technology specialists, from within the business, journalists and guest writers. One common theme throughout; each post is loaded with free advice and guidance for you to implement in your business right now! Don't forget to check the archives.